Science In Sport



Back in May I was lucky enough to be given some of Science In Sports new products to trial out. The first product I’ve been reviewing since May is the Overnight protein powder, and I’ve given it a goood old go!

When choosing a protein, I’m not fussed about muscle building or sculpting; I want a magic potion that will make my battered body feel good tomorrow. My second box to tick on protein is the flavour. In the past I’ve become so sick of certain protein powders that I’ve had to resort to holding my nose and dramatically downing the contents of the shaker so I don’t feel like I’m wasting 40 quid on pure poison. (And breathe). Luckily for me SIS Cookies and Cream flavour actually smells good and tastes so much better than any I’ve tried before. I’ve been taking the protein after every ride (4-5 times a week) and have seen such an improvement in my recovery – very impressed. I can honestly say that I’m not yet sick of the flavour either (I’m amazed). The SIS shaker is also very handy with its 3 compartments for easy storage. It’s super practical, saves the annoying lumping of protein, and there’s no wastage at the bottom of the shaker.


Now for the serious bit… SIS protein is slow digesting protein that helps maintain muscle mass while you sleep, so it’s recommended to take 1 hour before bed. It’s made from high quality milk protein in a 50/50 blend with whey protein (just sayin’). Basically, SIS have pulled it out of the bag and it’s pretty bloody good.


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