What’ve you been up to this week Kell #2

Another winter weather filled week! Monday was a ‘cleaning the house day’… and the start to my Veganuary (don’t roll your eyes), I’m not going to elaborate until I want to say something more about this. So yeah… Cleaning the house, the bike and a bit of my car, it’s got to be done. Greeted Aiken with a nice thai green VEGAN curry when he got back from work. Did I say I’ve gone vegan? Haha.
Tuesday was my first bike outing, to Mickley Lane Pumptrack with Bell. It was a super cold morning, the track was iced over so the first few runs I found myself smashing my way through icy puddles and then being sprayed with cold water, all up in my face (there is not a Mudhugger on this bike). Bell was shivering inbetween each run, should have packed her EAST 17 ‘stay now!’ coat, bad mother!
However after a few laps we were nicely warmed up (and muddy and wet).

Mickley Lane pumptrack is my favourite local track to ride.  It’s built by Bike Track (check their website) and features both a pumptrack and tarmaced scooter track. On a nice evening and definitely in the summer it’s ever so busy.
So I usually try and get there early in the morning with the dogs so I can PERFECT my mad pump skills in peace and quiet. I am slowly getting why pumptrack rides aren’t always ideal in the wet…

Tuesday’s aren’t just for trail dogs and pumptracks though, they are also for exciting trail treats! With great news from Emily at Wild Trail, I’m now an ambassador for this awesome company. Luckily for me, they are vegan. (haha).

Running on a theme of Bike Track Bell and I went to Lady Canning’s for a power hour after a visit to Cotic to get some new socks on Thursday. Here’s Reuben modelling them for you below.

Lady Cannings is located on the edge of the popular Houndkirk Moors byways and bridleways, so you can easily incorporate it into a bigger ride, or just pop over for a power hour. I usually park on Sheephill road and the nearest postcode-S11 7TU.
This is an ideal location for me and Bell with our trail dog training. Its also very well maintained and with no bushes or evil brambles to catch Bell out (or my poor poor shins).
If you haven’t visited there, it’s worth it for sure. There are two trails, Cooking On Gas and The Blue Steel. Both are graded at blues with no mega features and jumps that will scare off a novice, but don’t let this put you off, it has the most delightful berms and there is lots of fun to be had!

No Friyay for me ( I do actually have a job). It’s now SunYAY instead, and I’ve got an ever so exciting week planned!

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