Dales Trails

IMG_3905Dales trails! But don’t be fooled, his name is actually Neil.
When asked if you’d like a tour around the Yorkshire Dales, why would you say no? Having never been there myself to ride I jumped at the opportunity.
Dales Trails offers you ‘the perfect day of Mountain biking. Based in Yorkshire we provide rides across the whole of the stunning Dales and Moors. Both areas are renowned for their awesome trails. The Dales for its big climbs and rocky descents and The Moors for its superb singletrack’. So there you have it.

Hannah, Nikki and I rocked up at Grinton, with British summer time at its best (torrential rain), and then Dale from Dales Trails (aka Neil) arrived shortly after. He briefed us on the ride and we were off!

The ride took us on an awesome tour of Swaledale, on what I would categorise as intermediate trails, but not deadly! A good amount of climbing and descending at 854m, with great views and fun downs.


Lots of challenging techy climbs,


And lots of sweet descents.IMG_3972

Lunch- PB&J sandwiches


As much as you dread the rain, once you’re in it, you’ve got to embrace it.IMG_3984


Dale (Neil) briefed us before every climb and descent so we all knew what to expect on the trail ahead, wicked tour guide!


Smiles for miles with this gang!

For a first guided tour, it was ever so fun!  IMG_4065The sun even came out in the end! IMG_4067

So all in all a grand day out ‘oop north, great trails, company and all made possible and easily accessible by our tour guide from Dales Trails!

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