Wild Trail Treats

‘Our mission is to make snacks that encourage everyone to get outside and enjoy their own Wild Trail… wherever or whatever that may be.’
With a mission like that, why would you not want to give Wild trail snacks a go? Finding the right treat for a ride has proven quite challenging! I want something that’s super sweet and tasty, but something that also offers me the essentials that I need when I’m out on my bike. If I had it my way I’d take donuts with me on every ride, but they get squashed and are just not practical. Wild trail snacks are a Snowdonia based brand that offer 100% natural trail treats! They have a range of tasty bars (carrot cake’s my favourite) that are simply delish.

They use just 5 natural ingredients in each bar and are gluten free, dairy free, no added sugar, high in fibre, Vegetarian AND vegan (check them out)! Now don’t be put off by the fact that they have actually ticked ALL the boxes and possibly sacrificed the taste of these bars, (like that gluten free vegan muffin you heaved at the other day) because that isn’t case, impressively, they taste very good!

I’ve been testing each bar out on my rides, and I can honestly say, they are bloody good! So tasty, and give off the right amount of goodness that I need for an extra boost of energy. The only problem they are almost too Moorish, I even caught my Mum snacking on one with a cuppa when she thought I wasn’t looking.

Not to mention they’re also great value for money.
They have a wicked website where you can purchase your own treats, plus are available on Ocado and Tesco now!

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  1. Yes that’s true, I did enjoy one with a nice cup of tea!


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