Is KINGUD F**kin Gud?
‘Look after your ride and the environment you ride in.’

Ever wondered why Kingud got their name? I sure did. After meeting the friendly guys from Kingud at Peaty’s Bike Bonanza back in November, their smart packaging, and delish scent (their products scent) got me wondering for sure. Kingud have a biodegradable Bike Care range and are all for looking after the environment and are (ANOTHER) Snowdonia based brand (I’m sensing a pattern here).

I had a lovely selection of products to try out over the last month- here’s my low down (I know you’re excited)

NUMBER 1 (first of all you’ve got to get yourself and your bike SUPER dirty.)

The classic bike cleaner- biodegradable AND eco friendly. Water based and can be used on every component of your bike – even brakes and carbon composites (stoked). Gave my bike a good soak, spray and had a brew whilst it soaked in.  Smells good, looking good.

Degreaser- fast effective chain/drivetrain cleaner that removes chain grime from your ride (including cassettes, derailleur and rear wheel) ohhh shiny.

Bit of a dry and then onto the Chain lube.

Renovate and Protect (this stuff is good). Contains NO silicon. Creating that damn good shine on my frame. It’s water-resistant and beads when you chuck water at it.

Here’s my Cotic Rocket, looking ever so good!

Whilst you’re in the cleaning mood, Kinguds Kit Fresh (my favourite product) works an absolute treat, in treating and eliminating those nasty odours created by all the stoke you’ve had on your rides in your shoes and your helmet… and your bag… and even your kneepads… why not the gloves too?(I’ve even given my car a good spray). It’s scent is just delightful. Now you can smell like a princess (just like me)!

Now what I believe is the most impressive product of their line up is their new BOTTLE FOR LIFE, and it’s well smart (saving the god damn planet). You can buy a refill pack along with this bottle on their website, and if the trigger gets tired, they’ll just send you another!
After using kingud since November after my ridiculously muddy winter rides I can safely say, that as the name suggests, they are f**kin gud!

Check them out on their website.
And their Instagram.


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  1. Absolutely stoked on this Kelly – thank you so much for the time of putting all this together it’s massively appreciated! We will be sure to get this shared. Thanks again!!


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