What’ve you been up to this week Kell #4

ANOTHER exciting week. This one was extra special because I got to hang out with my two best riding buds Daniela and Nicole (aka my trail twin). With the arrival of Nicole and Skye on Monday, first things first was BIKES (and then shopping, but first bikes). Nicole, Skye, Bell and I headed out to some trails in Watchwood area to get the legs warmed up for our peaks ride the next day.
Lots of mud, lots of pedalling and lots of fun. Skye and Bell were buzzing and we were having probably too much fun. Watchwood has PLENTY of trails heading off the fire roads. They are short, but sweet. And the climbs are fast, which means plenty of downhill action can be squeezed in a short space of time.

Tuesday was spent creating content for a top secret mission Darren and I have been set. It’s so secret that I can’t even talk about it!
First stop was Cotic bikes to pick up a beautiful Bfe for Darren- well jel. Photo credit to Darren!
Then Daniela, Nicole and Skye joined us in the peaks. After some bike faffing, a standard visit to the guys at 18Bikes with a purchase of new fivetens they have in stock, we were off! We went up the Roman road to hope cross, down a new trail (new to me) in some woods, found some awesome mossy abandoned buildings. Pretty sweet spot! Think I found Wild Trail’s fruit and nut bars natural habitat.

Then we went UP the beast? (Something went wrong there) and into Narnia…. sadly there are some very serious signage up there at the moment. Something to do with badgers, prison and fines of about a billion pounds if you go for a wander, so that was a no go. With all the snow melted, the trails were streams! Really need to invest in some waterproof shorts…

Wednesday Darren, Daniela, Bell and I headed to my fav local hill for more top secret mission action- ALL WILL BE REVEALED!

Thursday called me in for a rest day. I hit reset with some Jasyoga– you most definitely should check this site out . There are a tonne of videos and plenty of bike specific sessions, pre and post ride which are a god send after a good few days on the bike.

I gave my Rocket a good clean with some kingud goodness and then changed my saddle from a WTB Koda to the Diva. Since November I have been trying out WTB’s Koda Saddle. I’ve tried 3 different brands saddles, and I’ll be honest, I was unsure about trying a new one. You know what it’s like when you’re happy with the saddle you have, and what an awful experience having a saddle that doesn’t work for you is like (it’s just a god damn nightmare). However, I can honestly say it’s bloody good! I haven’t really thought about my new saddle since replacing it, which is a tell tell sign to me that it’s working pretty well! I can confirm that it’s super comfortable and WTB have pretty much nailed it with their female specific technology, I have experienced all-day comfort for sure. I’ve enjoyed it so much that I’m reluctant to try out the next, but Diva… it’s time. FULL BLOGPOST TO COME.

After an epic 3 days out on the bike this week, it was time to go back to work (damn work always getting in the way). But I’m still smiling.
Ps. Still vegan, don’t forget your B12 kids.

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