What’ve you been up to this week Kell?#5

This week started off pretty boring, with work always getting in the way and then things like a family to see and Parcels to wait for I didn’t get out on my bike until SATURDAY! I’m aware that this is completely normal for many folk. But I do like to get out in the week so I don’t go absolutely insane (you get me?).
I read this article on Mbr http://www.mbr.co.uk/news/mountain-biking-mental-health-371357 which was very appropriate, what with how I’ve being feeling for the beginning of last week. I don’t have mental health problems, but mountain biking definitely is helpful for my mental wellbeing! It’s not just being outside in the fresh air, and yummy surroundings, it’s the social side of riding my bike that I love.

Saturday was FERDA GIRLS! Sheffield Dirt Queens Cotic demo day (that was a mouthful).
Cotic have the greatest idea of bringing the demo fleet to YOU! So there’s no need to look out for the demo days, because you can make your own! Sam cruises about in Black Betty helping people try out all the bikes in all the places- organising both Demos and exclusive ride days. That’s pretty sweet right? (All demo rides are also free? Cracking news).
We met at Greno woods where ‘Sam, Sam the Demo man’ set up the attending girls with their sweet choice of bike, suspension and cockpit arrangements and pedals on.
Abi from SDQ’s was our unofficial guide, she did a cracking job. We rode Wharncliffe and although it was raining, and everywhere was sloppy and slippy, it was good fun and there were lots of happy ladies. I’ve only ever ridden Wharncliffe once before about 2 years ago, so it was super nice to get back up there and will mostly definitely be heading back soon.
With my favourite riding buddies all in one place we decided to end the day with food and shopping! Bikes, food and shopping? What a lovely treat.

Sunday FUNDAY or what?!!?!
With my b-day coming up, and as I’m going to be away for the special occasion, I figured I’d better bring the celebrations forward and what better way than to plan a bike ride? Crew of 23 strong (that’s right, 23!) We met at the bottom of one of my local hills Sunday morning and went out for some Derbyshire goodness. Cotic’s Sam, Sam the demo man came along with the fleet for an exclusive demo so some of my pals could try out the Cotic’s greatness. I decided to sweep so I could make sure we didn’t lose anyone on the ride, it was so cool to see so many people riding together at my local. We all stopped for a group photo at the trig and then it was all downhill from there- literally and then literally for some… unluckily Mel (part of the fantastic Fife clan) dislocated her shoulder 😞 So had to cut the ride short along with her awesome Mum Lois and go for cake instead (at least there was cake!).
We stopped for some tea and pie, waved off Mel and Lois and headed up the second local hill, enjoyed the local goodness (Wes had a little tumble) and with the sun now out everyone sesh-ONed some sweet rutted turns on the way out.
Lots of laughs, lots of mud, and lots of fun! Biggest thanks to everyone that came along and made the day bloody great!

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