What’ve you been up to this week Kell? #7

#7? This year is flying by. Week 7 has been kind of hectic in the old noggin. I’ve been to the Velodrome, rode bikes with the girls, watched my first ever omnium track event AND finished (hopefully) my top secret mission with Darren mixed in all of that Ive been to work and managed to maintain my vegan diet (winning?).TRACK? I went to the Velodrome and signed a piece of paper stating that I am a Derby Track Ambassador. So that happened, I went on a tour of Derby Arena and chatted track and gym. Seeing the track for the first time was pretty cool and equally pretty bloody scary!! Its so unbelievably steep. The gym was very smart along with the watt bike room and studio for classes. Gym- something I don’t attend. This is purely because I have literally no idea what to do there. I will be following a cycling specific gym programme, which I am super excited about! This is to run alongside my Track journey, and I’ll be able to share my programme on here with anybody that’s interested.

Back out into the fresh air, Friday was most certainly FERDA girls. Bell, Liz, Daniela and I had a lovely SUNNY (thats right, SUNNY) ride, Julbo glasses got to come out for the first time in a while. It was so good to not be riding in rain. We were out all afternoon SESH-ONing Hemlocks goodness, smiles for miles. Also, the days are getting longer, which is the BEST news for all.Saturday I attended the National Omnium Championships at Derby Arena with Daniela and Matthew, my first ever track event. The first few hours were spent with me being extremely confused trying to figure out what was going on, what each race entailed and what Omnium even meant. Omnium means a multiple race event in track cycling (I just googled that to make sure) I think I asked a good 100 questions. If you haven’t ever been to or seen a track event before, I highly recommend it. It was so cool to watch the races, especially the women events. The power, thought processes and endurance these athletes have is incredible and makes for an awesome watch. Being an absolute beginner in track, I was pretty keen to get chatting to some knowledgeable riders at the event. Luckily for me Charlotte Broughton was more than happy to help me out! Charlotte is an awesome rider, has a super positive outlook on life, is a great supporter in women’s cycling and general all round cool woman to talk to! My 10 minute chat turned into over an hour of discussing all things cool about track, women’s cycling and just life in general.(BLOGPOST COMING).

Sunday, Darren, Daniela, Bell and I went out to Froggatt edge to finsih our super secret, top secret mission. It was super foggy to start off with but the temperature was lovely and mild. My Rocket was dreamy as per usual. And that’s all I’m allowed to say! Got to try out my Mudhugger kit bag- this thing is awesome. Fits EVERYTHING IN. Has a sweet little stand mat and bag for the clean stuff and one to chuck in all the dirty kit BLOODY IDEAL. Oh and of course my very own customised Teabag (thanks Nikki).Just made a delightful curry and some DELISH vegan cookies, gonna go and eat them now with a tub of Ben and Jerrys.

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