What’ve you been up to this week Kell? #6

OH DEAR! What is this weather. I know that it’s all everyone is talking about at the moment and I know I’m not made of sugar, but seriously? Its got me dreaming of sunnier, drier days. I can’t wait to come home and not have to spray the back of my shorts down before putting them in the washing machine, not having to stuff my shoes with newspaper and to EVEN not have to clean my bike in the rain, in the dark with Bell watching me from the window. I mean I don’t ask for much! On a positive note I think I’ve finally found the solution to warming my cold hands, and I’m happy to share. Decathalon’s Quechua trek 500 mountain trekking liner gloves (£3.99) and then whatever gloves on top and then for mid ride and/or afters Aptonia hand warmers (got this totally sussed).
In other news, Ive just agreed to be Derby Velodrome’s first female Ambassador. What does this mean you ask? I’m not sure really, but I do like the look of Morvelo’s track kit. Next week I’ll be going for my first meeting at the Velodrome to find out all about the Women’s Novice sessions and the accreditations sessions 1-4 (wish me luck), total beginner here, I might die.
This week consisted of two rides, and both at Hemlock. MONDAY FUNDAY, Aiken, Bell and I went to Hemlock. Aiken gave me a bit of coaching, Bell stood on pride rock. The trails were relatively dry, which was lovely after the mudfest we’d had at the weekend. It was lovely to get some speed without thinking you were gonna slip out and die.Friday I turned 27! Thats right, twenty bloody seven. I had the best day and not gonna brag too much, but I have the sickest friends that spoilt me with some awesome handmade presents. Alex’s Crossstitch of me and Bell. Wes’s awesome card. Nikki made me a teabag! (If you don’t know what Nikki’s teabag is, you’re in for a real treat, I will demonstrate what the teabag does in next weeks post).Obviously, I chose to go out for a bike ride, and lucky me, the sun came out! Hemlock was running like a delight on the top section, bottom half a bit more sketchy. All good fun with my favourite person.

Back to work for the weekend, and some chill time with the Giraffe sheep.

P.S- still vegan…

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