Following up from my last post on Track, I’m now gonna talk about something very close to me heart- kit! I love bike kit, from Mtb, road, pumptrack and now to track, looking good in these disciplines is VERY important. Luckily for me , I’m now heading into my third year on the Morvelo Test Team, who cater for EVERYTHING. Any biking discipline, on or off the bike, they’ve got it covered. Not only do I love Morvelo for the amazing quality and fit of their kit, it’s for the god damn good-looking aspect of it too. They are a ‘fiercely’ independent brand and get their inspiration for their 6 monthly collections from pop-culture, sport, art, music, fashion and film. A bloody good job they do at it too.

My bike wardrobe (yes, I do have one of these) is bursting with the smartest Mtb and road kit to go along with all the wicked t-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies I have to abuse on the pumptrack or just general off the bike days. Oh and socks, we mustn’t forget the socks! Morvelo have just set me up with the  NICEST track kit for my next venture.img_9749
From left to right, the Womens Blacklight Nth Series Jersey, my very first Unity Evo Mono Speedsuit (gonna go ever so fast in this bad boi).Women’s classic White Nth Series Bib Shorts- SERIOUSLY good padded shorts and my favourite Celeste base layer.
Not forgetting stripe white and KELLY Socks. Looks like I’m all set! (help me). I shall at the very least be falling in style for sure.

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