What’ve you been up to this week Kell? #8

Dual, road bikes , London Bike show and Track! What a super diverse week. Dual Rules, and it seriously does. I was introduced to dual last year and invited along to the first round of the winter series. The only information I had was to bring lights, £2 and a prize? I rode into some unknown to me woods and found lots of other people taping their lights to white poles (what is going on?). I taped up my light, handed someone my pole and before I knew it I was throwing myself (mainly sideways) down a course through some leaves. So much fun with an awesome crew of people, I had a massive smile on my face all night. Flash back to now, and onto my third dual race, I’m still getting to grips with the format, and definitely still nearly killing people (sorry Nick), but still getting a right buzz from it! Wednesday was a dry, yeah you heard, a DRY night. My Rocket was riding like a dream, delightfully sloppy and filthy riding conditions, another great bunch of people and an awesome track.  The next round is Howard Street Dual, and I’m calling ALL LADIES TO COME AND JOIN IN!!!!!! This event is part of the Sheffield Outdoor weekend. This weekend is an opportunity for Sheffield to promote all the goodness of their outdoor city vibes. With headlining events such as Howard Street dual, Climbing works international festival, The Magnificent Seven hill climb and Sheffield adventure film festival. If you’re free and in the area, you should definitely come along- and ladies ENTER HOWARD STREET DUAL.London Bike Show.  After an absolutely, stupidly unprepared freezing cold 10k ride to the EXCEL centre for the Bike Show, I’ll admit now, I wasn’t overly stoked. I don’t like cities, and I definitely am not a fan of London. Too many buildings, too many people and way too many cars. The last two trips I’ve had to London have involved riding my bike through the hustle and bustle (although, the Roadrat trip was pretty sick) and both trips have made me not want to return (just sayin’).  However, there was something very special waiting to be seen at the show. Most importantly, standing gloriously amongst Cotic ‘s other sweet offerings, the new Rocket! (insert lots of love hearts).  Whilst at the show I also got to meet Will Easey , who is on the Cotic Development squad, go check him out on instagram and then his youtube. Notorious DID’s, probably Cotics biggest fan, I mean he’s got the tattoo so… Lots of chatting to cool people all about Cotic and bikes, and admiring the new Rocket, my trip to London wasn’t so bad ( Aiken will tell you differently, but don’t listen to him).
Saturday was my first ever go on the track at Derby Arena! I was very nervous, and quite scared about dying, and on the journey to the track I was unsure whether I actually even wanted to go…And why I was putting myself through this, and I could have had a lie in, could have just rode my Rocket etc etc. The only thing keeping me from turning around was showing off my new kit. Haha. This was my first Accreditation/taster session, and it was awesome! All my fears of not ever being able to stop due to having no brakes, (I had visions of myself just going around in circles calling for help for the rest of the day) a fixed wheel and the steep track were gone within the first 30 minutes with help from an awesome coach, and wiggling my fingers thanks to Charlotte. I had a Wild Trail bar on my track side support and Julbo protecting my eyes from the unbelievably dry air! Full blog post to come. Track is sick, can’t wait for the next session!!

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