What’ve you been up to this week Kell #9/#10

This is going to be a long one! 

I missed #9, I was doing so well! So I’ll just quickly excuse myself, I don’t know if you know, but it absolutely dumped it down with snow. My bike was having brake issues, and with my HUGE lack of knowledge in bike mechanics (all mechanics actually) I spent the week sulking, doing life admin, and walking the dogs- wild I know. So, upon reflection of this, I think I really should get on a bike mechanics course so I can learn to fix my own bike. The fact that I have a magic garage- one where my bike gets maintained/fixed in (thanks Aiken) doesn’t help! I’m not mechanically minded and I’m also super nervous to start ‘tinkering’- as they say, whoever they are, and then as a result break everything. I will follow this up, but now onto more important things.


Lakes, hike-a-bike, more snow, International Women’s Day, meeting the Mayor, Sheffield Outdoor Weekender, Wharncliffe, the gym and Dual!

Sunday night Daniela and I made the journey up to see Nikki for her birthday! I felt so relieved to finally be getting out to do something fun after all the boring snow days.
Monday and Tuesday! My first introduction to Lakes riding. The pressure was on for Mrs Read. We had a 9 strong group and went on two awesome rides with a bit of hike-a-bike thrown in. We went in a sweet cave, found some lovely descents along with some lung busting climbs. We ate cake, Thai food and celebrated Nikki getting older! I like the lakes.

Wednesday I had a session in the gym.

Darren the gym man gave me a programme to follow, and as a beginner to the gym it’s very easy to follow and super user friendly. Being a complete newbie with zero gym knowledge, this is pretty helpful! I also have it to share with anyone else new to the gym- BLOGPOST COMING. syhpyjChSY2ai3IQDLTKfQ

Thursday was pretty cool! I met with some awesome and inspiring women;  head to International and The Outdoor Weekender blogpost for the full lowdown.img_0191-1 I met Hanna Jonsson for the first time. I’d already been following her on instagram for a while and really liked what she’s about. For International Women’s Day Hanna spoke with Downtime- The MTB Podcast about ‘the state of Women’s mountain biking in 2018′. It’s an awesome podcast and I highly recommend you take some time out to have a listen.

Friday I met up the other members of the Outdoorcity Weekender crew for some food and a chat about all things good and bikes and life. We all then went the showroom to the ShAFF adrenaline shorts film session. An awesome collection of inspiring people doing the most unreal and cool things, my favourite was Tall Bikes Will Save the World. It was a lovely way to spend a Friday evening.

Saturday #dualrules! Or does it? Haha. What an event! Probably the most intimating and scary few hours of practice and racing I’d ever been part of!IMG_0285 During practice I awkwardly crashed down a lovely cornered stairway (NAILED IT). My first round after getting through seeding, I was up against the awesome Abi Lawton.  My chain came off and as a result I lost. Managed to bring it back the second round, but Abi is a shredder so I couldn’t make up the time gap! So, once I was out, I could actually enjoy the event haha. It was so cool watching everyone battle it down Howard street. The most amazing crowd gathered with shouts of encouragement for the riders all around. Pretty cool right?McmNWbhJRf2IcOiobXymrQ

For Sunday funday we headed to Wharncliffe, my second trip here this year. Hanna was our tour guide and took us down some pretty cool, steep and techy descents. I tripoded down the majority. We met up with the Cotic crew, had a little look at ‘Mini Whis’ and then headed back to the van because I was KNACKERED!

What a week ay!

Official Sheffield Outdoor Weekend blogpost coming.

I’ll leave you with a short clip of me sliding down a mountain.

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