What’ve you been up to this week Kell? #13

Well, I am pooped. This week I made a conscious effort to ride my friggin’ bike. With little in the diary I took full advantage of the free time and went for it!
Monday saw me in the gym for a PT session with Darren the gym man. I was told to have ‘fresh legs’ for this session ready for the Wattbike, I don’t know whether I did, but I certainly didn’t once I’d left. We focused on some weights on the bench, which as a beginner (I’M SUCH A BEGINNER) I sucked at. Nervous laughing at my terrible attempts of raising a weightless bar just above my chest left me dropping it and nearly dying. It wasn’t that dramatic, but pretty awful- baby steps there I guess. I plodded home thinking, ‘bugger, I’m done after day 1 of my fun packed week’.

Tuesday I rode in the Peak district with my friends Rachel and Billy from Cafe Adventure. Before heading out I planned my first ever tour on Komoot and then headed out on my first use of their navigation app. Full blogpost of the day here. The cafe was closed for the day, which I was pretty distraught about because they make the best food, cakes, and coffee but on the plus side I could ride with Rachel and Billy who made great company! Made a visit to my favourite bike shop, 18 bikes, for some new bits and bobs and a natter which was grand. It rained an unbelievable amount, but even a rainy day is grand when you’re on your bike. I do like riding in the Peaks.

Wednesday rest day (these have become very annoyingly important), and was spent writing about Tuesdays fun, some admin and then a nice walk with the pooches.

Thursday was absolutely glorious, what a difference that big yellow ball makes ay? I headed up one of the local hills on the Rocket and bathed in the glorious weather and did a few laps before Aiken joined me. He was in coach mode and tried to send me down some of the steeper, muddier, more dangerous, ‘I’m gonna die’ stuff our local woods have to offer. When I say tried… he really did, but my brain didn’t let me attempt most stuff which made me feel super bummed out, grumpy, annoyed at him (soz babe) and in a funk of ‘I’m so pants!!!’ ! Upon reflection I think I’ve been focusing on getting fit and pushing myself on all the climbs that my attention has slipped away from challenging myself on stuff I’m nervous of, maybe its time to get back out of my comfort zone.
Straight outta the woods and baggies, quick dog walk and I was into my lycra ready for track, Accreditation Stage 2! As always, I was very nervous, anxious and had a dry throat, can’t wait for that feeling to go! There were 4 other people joining on stage 2, lovely bunch and of course, with some reassurance from the coach and some wiggling of fingers the nerves were soon forgotten. We focused on riding consistently within 1 metre of the wheel in front, following lines, managing speed and space between other cyclists and riding in pairs. You wouldn’t believe it, I only went and flippin’ passed, I do like track! FULL BLOGPOST TO COME.FriYAY! Hemlock, what a place. Richard, Otto and I spent the afternoon sesh-Oning the wonderful dry, yes dry, trails in Hemlock and took some sweet photos. I found out that although I do ride a Rocket, and that means I should be faster, Otto is a rocket dog, there’s a distinct difference. I also found out that if you think you can’t do something, made it a big deal in your brain, don’t fully commit, get scared and then attempt it anyway, it will lead you into death. Nose cased the step up, didn’t nail it, nearly died… KELL!!!!! Even though I rode terribly, I did have fun, and that counts for something. Better get out of this funk! Seriously considering some coaching to learn some mad skillz, so any recommendations would be ace!Cheers to Richard Baybutt for the photos!

The fun unfortunately had to stop, and I went to work…UNTIL NEXT WEEK.
P.S still vegan.


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  1. well done on passing your stage 2 track accreditation.


  2. You’re crushing the track – super cool. You were fearless in the Alps last summer so am confident your downhilling will be just as grand now.


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